The worst part about coming out, was not coming out

it scared the shit out of me, I did not know what to do, I did not know who to talk to

I was convinced that gay people were terrible, terrible people

I say: How does my sexual orientation harm you?

It is just part of who I am and there is nothing wrong with me.

It took a lot of courage to have the 20 seconds of bravery to start talking

It pissed me off to have somebody tell you that what you know about yourself is not true

The only thing that I had come up with on how to tell my family is: I wanted to cry

We were very afraid of our affection for one another

All my friends, in general, were just really supportive and there for me. It just picked up momentum and everything was great.

Its almost as if this one, horrible thing my family had said to me had brought us closer together

What was amazing to me, and still is, is the sheer amount of weight that was lifted once a parent knew, and once you knew they were still going to love you

I thought, you know, they are gonna see me as I am, not as a gay person but as someone who is very caring and loving

My Mother tried to control me more, she tried to follow my every movement

You feel closer to them, and you feel less pressure, and can just be yourself.

You are constantly coming out, that there is an assumption today, in our society, probably every society, that you are straight