Here are some tips and guidelines for creating your own interview.

To Interviewer:
Our primary target audience is people who are frightened to come out and who are exploring all of the worst things that could happen if they do.

Include the subject's head and chest in frame.

Film against a white background, such as a white wall or sheet, with the subject well lit head on. Light the background so that it comes out pure white on video.

Remember to ask your subject to sign the photo/video release form, that can be found here.

To Interviewee:
What we are hoping to hear are your personal experiences with coming out,what your biggest fears were before you came out, what happened when you did come out, and all the good and bad that has come from it.

Remember to talk straight into the camera and to restate the question asked of you at the beginning of your response as seen in the example below.

Interviewer: "What was the worst thing about coming out for you?"

Interviewee: "The worst thing about coming out for me was when..."

Once you've finished filming your interview please send us an email at and we'll work with you to get your video up on the site.

Thank you for your interest in

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